Best animals for new players in Minecraft

There are many animal mobs in Minecraft that can be tamed. You can also breed them for livestock purposes.

It is fairly simple to breed most animal mobs. A particular food item must be given to both parents in order for them to fall in love. When both parents have fallen in love, they will look for each other within a certain range and produce offspring.

The cooldown for love mode occurs, and Minecraft users must wait until they can start breeding again. It is easier for some animal mobs to breed than others because they require more food items.

3) Cows

Because cows love wheat, they are easy to breed and cheap to keep. It is easy to make large quantities of wheat in Minecraft. As long as there are two cows, gamers can easily have dozens within a matter of minutes.

It's a good idea to keep a few cows around, as they are a great source of milk and meat. Players can always keep more cows than they need, as long as they have enough wheat.

2) Bees

Although it can be difficult to find bees or re-home them, breeding them in Minecraft is easy. All they need to make more bees is flowers. Any kind of flower will do.

Many in-game biomes have flowers that bloom throughout the landscape. This means gamers shouldn't have any trouble raising bees, as long as they don't live in huge deserts or snowy biomes. They will only need to worry about building hives for their new bees.

1) Chickens

Although chickens are not as useful as other livestock in Minecraft they can be a source of food and feathers that can be used to make arrows. In this light, it is a good idea to have a few chickens on hand in case of emergency.

It is easy to breed them, since all you need is crop seeds. These seeds can be wheat, pumpkin or melon seeds. They are the easiest to breed.

Users can quickly break grass blocks and have enough seeds to breed chickens in a matter of minutes.

Gamers can start farming the crops the seeds produce, and they will receive more seeds to use in breeding. It's easy to harvest your crops and then feed the extra seeds to the chickens.