Guide to use ender eyes in Minecraft dungeons


Guide to use ender eyes in Minecraft dungeons

There are many secrets to Minecraft Dungeons. You can unlock even more levels and collectibles. The game isn't difficult or time-consuming, so it's easy to play. You can also purchase DLCs to add more levels.

Echoing Void is one of the most popular DLCs. The Echoing Void add-on added more levels and other items. The add-on also included Ender Eyes, a secret that unlocks a new level and additional items.

How to use Ender Eyes in Minecraft Dungeons: Where and how

Creeper Woods is the location of the first Ender Eye. You can go to that level and then continue to the northeast, after crossing the bridge at its beginning.

An Enderman will appear on the other side of the rock. The boss at the end of the cave has the eye.

Users will find the "Destroy the Brews” mission in Soggy Swamp. They'll then go to the southeast corner of the area and exit via the newly-constructed bridge. You will find a platform with buttons. Push them in that order, and you will be able to fight for the second eye.

Gamers will then be able to enter Pumpkin Pastures in order to obtain the third Ender Eye. They can then head southwest past the Raid captains to find the Endermen. They can be killed to reveal a button which will allow players to open the door to the Endersent.

In the middle of Cacti Canyon, users will find an iron golem. They can then go southwest through an archway. The cave will be accessible to Minecraft Dungeons players. They will need to defeat the enemies, secure the key and fight for the fourth eye.

Open the golden key door in Desert Temple. Run past the Redstone Golem and complete the battle. Then, leave to the northwest. You can ignore the Endermen by entering the door. There will be a blue key and a door. The Endersent is inside, with the fifth Ender Eye.

Highblock Halls also has a mission called "Destroy the Buffet". Players can then open the door using switches and fight for the final eye. The Stronghold unlocks a new level that allows players to take all their eyes and unlock it.