Minecraft 2.26 update?


Minecraft 2.26 update?

All Minecraft players can download the Minecraft 2.26 update right now. It brings in many new features and improvements.

The introduction of candles is the main feature of Minecraft 2.26. You can now purchase candles and place them in groups of four or more, and set them alight using just Flint and Steel. You can also find Azalea flowers in different flowering varieties, which are perfect for decorating any creation.

In the Minecraft update 2.26, you will find some "experimental gameplay” changes. These new changes include higher ceilings and lower building depths, which are ideal for elevating your creations or lowering them to their lowest. New biomes include Lofty Peaks and Snow Capped Peaks as well as Snowy Slopes, Mountain Grove and Mountain Meadow.

There are tons of gameplay improvements and fixes in the new patch. First, the Nether Portals are now able to teleport players to the correct location. Second, the underwater fog is aligned with the correct biome. Bastion loot is now more closely aligned with the Java Edition.

The Minecraft update also includes a variety of fixes and updates for individual items. All dropped items have the same floating height as before, and projectiles (including snowballs and eggs) no longer cast shadows. Data-driven items can now swing faster if they are not directed at a block. Disenchanting an item using Grindstone will now display the correct enchantment penalty.

It's all a significant update for Minecraft, even though it only adds a few new features. It hasn't been that long since Mojang's Caves and Cliffs updates, so we aren't really starving for content.