Minecraft Survival Servers


Minecraft Survival Servers

There are many Minecraft servers that offer great experiences and have built communities. Servers are not new. However, there is a new term that has been making the rounds in the Minecraft community. Let's find out what SMP stands to.

SMP is not being mentioned in Minecraft's presence. It is simply a reference to a "Survivor Multiplayer" server. You shouldn't expect Creative functionality while playing in the same world as others, but you should expect standard Minecraft controls. There are many SMP Minecraft servers. These include:


Anarchy servers don't have any rules. With what you find, you can do whatever you like with it. You will be able to fight for your life and destroy buildings you have built.


You will be able to join a gang and fight for land, items or other things through factions. These servers heavily rely upon PvP and there are many battles and disagreements among factions.


New players will need to download mods in order to join these servers. These mods can be simple visual changes or more complex ones that change the Minecraft experience.


While other servers might have a lot more fighting and griefers, peaceful servers will disable PvP so that you are not attacked. These communities are often very welcoming and supportive.


Skyblock servers are located on floating islands and require you to use what resources you have. This server type is very popular and attracts a lot of people.


This is Minecraft as it should be. There are no mods or new features. This is the perfect place to meet new friends and share that experience with.