What you should really nab in the end


What you should really nab in the end

Each Minecraft world is divided into three distinct dimensions: the Overworld (the Nether), the End (the End), and the Nether (the Nether). The gateway to the End dimension is found in the Overworld. Players can access the End dimension by activating the End portal.

The End is a dark dimension with only a few islands and void. Players must face the Ender dragon when they first enter the End. The End gateway and exit portal can be unlocked by defeating the final boss.

The End gateway allows Minecrafters to visit the outer islands. There are many items and blocks that can be collected in the End dimension.

The End in Minecraft: Best Blocks and Items

5) Dragon Egg

Dragon Egg is undoubtedly the most rare block in Minecraft. The Dragon Egg is generated on the exit portal when you kill the Ender dragon the first time. This block is only available once per game.

Dragon Egg is only decorative. It can be used as a trophy by players to show off their pride in slaying Ender dragons. Players can make this rare block a common one by manipulating it, as Dragon Egg is affected with gravity.

4) Dragon head

The End dimension is home to dragon heads, which are an exclusive item. Dragon heads can be worn in Minecraft just like other head blocks. These rare blocks can be attached to flying ships in End dimension.

The dragon heads look ridiculous on both players and mobs and are huge compared to other mob head types. It can be used by players in redstone contraptions, as dragon heads move when they are powered.

3) Elytra

Elytras are one the most popular items in Minecraft. These items enable players to fly through the skies and explore the world, without needing to walk. The flying ship can be found in End cities and players can obtain an elytra.

The only way to obtain elytras is to loot End cities. They are not renewable. Players should therefore use Unbreaking III or Mending enchantment to their elytras.

2) Fruit and flower of the Chorus

Although the outer End islands are barren they do have a strange form of vegetation called chorus plant. Players will find a block known as a chorus flower at the end of each chorus plants. To grow chorus plants, players can place chorus flowers onto End stones.

Chorus fruits can be obtained by breaking down a chorus plant. To make popped chorus, players can cook the fruits of the chorus to create a product called popped chorus. This item is used to make purpur blocks or End rods.

1) Shulker shells

One of the most useful mob drops is shulker shells. To get shulkershells, players can kill shulkers in End cities. Players can create shulker boxes by using shulker shells. One shulker box can store up to 30 items.

The End houses many wonderful blocks and other items. Although it might seem empty and boring at first glance, there are many treasures to be found in this dimension.